Young Investigator Awards

If you are a young researcher under clinical or scientific training and your abstract comply with the abstract guidelines, you are eligible for one of the three competitions below:
  • Gudbjartsson Award – 1st prize
  • Best Oral Presentation Award – 1st prize
  • Best Poster Presentation Award – 1st prize
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Gudbjartsson Award

For this session, the six best abstracts from young researchers under clinical or scientific training will be selected based on a number of criteria. Only completed studies, not yet published, will be considered. Only those complying with abstract guidelines will be taken into account. For each of the six abstracts the committee will appoint a discussant among the attending PhD students and post docs prior to the conference. After each talk the appointed discussant will open the debate. The award committee will base their assessment on:

  • The originality of the study and the applicability of the findings
  • The quality of the study design
  • The presenter’s ability to comply with time
  • The slideshow should be easy to read and comprehend. All slides must support the presentation
  • The purpose of the presentation (hypothesis) is clear
  • The content is presented in a logical progression
  • The conclusion is unambiguous
  • The ability to communicate complicated material through a motivating presentation, made comprehensible for people not familiar with the specific research area
  • The following discussion should reflect the presenter’s in-depth knowledge of the literature in the field and ability to put the research into perspective

Best Oral Presentation Award

Oral presentations will be judged on the following:

  • The presenter’s ability to communicate the area of research
  • The ability to comply with time
  • The slideshow is comprehensible without busy slides and is easy to read for people outside the research area
  • The relationship between presentation and illustrations is clear and obvious
  • The presenter clearly states the purpose of the study
  • The slideshow is presented in a coherent order
  • The take-home message should be clear although it may be tentative (chairmen will take the stage of the project into account)
  • In the following discussion, the presenter should be able to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the field of research

Best Poster Presentation Award

Poster presentations will be judged on the following:

  • The ability to comply with time
  • The ability to use the poster in the presentation
  • The ability to convey clear and concise information within the time limit
  • Intelligibility to someone outside your field

Previous award winners

Award winners 2023

Gudbjartsson Award: Johannes H. Jedrzejczyk, Aarhus, Denmark

Oral 1st prize: Zineb Chaabi, Gothenburg, Sweden

Poster 1st prize: Caroline Damsgaard Jensen, Aarhus, Denmark

Award winners 2020

Gudbjartsson Award: Erla Liu Ting Gunnarsdóttir, Reykjavik, Iceland

Oral 1st prize: Mary Rezk, Gothenburg, Sweden

Poster 1st prize: Tua Gyldenholm, Aarhus, Denmark

SSRCTS award winners 2019

Award winners 2019

Gudbjartsson Award: Mikael Barbu, Gothenburg, Sweden

Oral 1st prize: Mandy Salmon, Aarhus, Denmark

Poster 1st prize: Zarmiga Karunanithi, Aarhus, Denmark

SSRCTS Award winners 2018

Award winners 2018

Gudbjartsson Award: Sheyanth Mohanakumar, Aarhus, Denmark

Oral 1st prize: Anne Sif Ovesen, Aarhus, Denmark

Poster 1st prize: Lene Thorup, Aarhus, Denmark