Feedback on presentations

Introducing feedback to the presenters at the last years meetings has been a success. Therefore, we will continue this in the upcoming meeting which hopefully will benefit each presenter.


Presenting information in a clear and effective manor is a key skill to get your message across. However, as researchers, we must often figure out how to deliver a good presentation on our own.


As presenting is vital to spread your research, this year’s Annual Meeting in SSRCTS is offering you the opportunity to improve your presentation technique by giving you constructive feedback.

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Written individual feedback on your presentation

The feedback will be given to you through an evaluation form of your presentation. The evaluation form will be filled out by some of your peers during your presentation and will highlight both strengths and weaknesses. Both younger and senior colleagues will fill out the form. You can download the evaluation form below.

The written feedback is for your own personal use and may be used as a guidance towards future improvement, as you are your own worst critic. You will receive your evaluation form at the end of the session. The feedback is independent of the award competition at the meeting and it will not affect the decisions of the award committee. It is fully up to you to decide whether you want feedback or not.